Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hey John GOODman, Stop Destroying Trabed: Review of 'Digital Exploration of Interior Design'

Hi everyone! Long time no blog! Seriously…it’s been almost a year…crazyness. But today was a milestone for me – I finally passed 800 followers on Twitter! So before I delve into anything TV related I just want to say thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this. Honestly, I appreciate each and every one of you and commend you for keeping up with the insanity that is my mind.

Now, onto the main event: Community. Normally when I write my blog posts, especially my blog posts about Community, I am in happy spirits. Right now though I am feeling sad…quite sad actually…and a bit hostile. Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely LOVED this episode…but my Troy and Abed heart is breaking!! As if last week’s episode wasn’t depressing enough (honestly who didn’t feel like shedding a tear when Abed didn’t high five Troy) now our two besties aren’t even on the same team?!?! Talk about an evil timeline! And of ALL people JOHN GOODMAN is the one trying to destroy their happiness?? For heaven's sake his last name has the word GOOD in it! I sure hope they find a way to work this out…and FAST, because like one of my followers mentioned, if this series ends with those two in a fight…I swear…you know what, let’s just not go there.

Okay onto happier thoughts! As has been the case for most of this season, tonight’s episode was brilliant. One of the main things I adore about this show is how meta it is. Honestly it is SO smart. It constantly finds ways to break the 4th wall and manages to do so without being cheesy. Dan Harmon I applaud you for that. The smallest things in this show (like not mentioning lockers for 2 ½ seasons) Dan manages to weave into hilarious storylines. And not only are the storylines hilarious, they are meaningful too.

Admittedly I am a HUGE Jeff & Annie fan (yes, yes I understand why the age difference might gross some out, but in real life Alison Brie & Joe McHale really aren’t THAT far apart, so it’s hard to ignore the chemistry they have going). Anyhoo, like I said I’m a huge fan, so anytime those two are on screen together it makes me happy. They play so well off one another and I feel like we always get some great character development when they interact. For example, while tonight’s Jannie storyline provided us with a big dose of humor (I mean, a male “Kim” leaving hate mail in Jeff’s locker and claiming to be dead…that is the sort of randomness you can’t help but smile at) it also showcased some great character growth. A lot has gone on between Jeff & Annie romantically over the past two and half seasons that has yet to be resolved, so seeing Annie freak out at Jeff towards the end was definitely refreshing.  

Obviously the episode wasn’t just about Jeff & Annie though (or Troy and Abed for that matter). There was a third storyline going on that involved the rest of the gang anddddd *drumroll please* KEITH. Who is Keith you might be ask? Okay well for all you lame-o’s who didn’t watch the gloriousness that was Scrubs, Keith played a big role in that show back in Season 6. Since Scrubs I haven’t really seen him in anything else, so obviously I flipped out when he appeared on my screen tonight. And to find out he was playing “Subway”? BRILLIANT.  Honestly, there are things that only Community can pull off- and having a corporation being represented as a Human Being (see what I did there?) is one of those things.

Like Jeff & Annie, Keith (yes I am going to continue calling him Keith) & Britta’s story was funny, yet sweet. I really did start to feel for Britta when Keith (okay fine SUBWAY) was taken away from her. They shared so many interests…and were both so invested in eating fresh…it was obviously a relationship bound to end in happiness and blonde vegetarian children. But no! Like in real life, evil American corporations had to ruin it all! Who knows though maybe Keith…I mean Rick…I mean SUBWAY will reappear someday. We can dream.

One thing I did miss tonight – Chang. Whenever he isn’t present I miss him. But we DID have John Goodman…WITH a French braid…so I mean, plus points right there.

And now for my decision: was tonight’s episode a win or loss? Um, I think it’s pretty obvious, but just in case you can’t tell, I’d definitely score this one as a WIN. In fact I’d score this entire season as a WIN. Would you? Would you…woo? (Sorry haven’t blogged in forever…miss my HIMYM references). But seriously, would you rate this as a win?? Chime in below!

I swear…if NBC dares to take it off the air…then let’s just say NBC will be facing a dark timeline of its own…

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  1. Great episode, I agree that the only thing missing is Chang. I also was a little disappointed in the lack of a real pillow fight, but I enjoyed the slow motion shots of them holding their "armies" back and staring into each others eyes.