Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fan Bashing Taken To An Extreme

So I watched the new iCarly tonight and I have a lot of mixed feelings about it.  I totally get the message Dan was trying to send.  Fans do take their opinions to an extreme sometimes.   Taking iCarly for instance, I have seen so many boards where fans personally attack each other due to a difference of opinion (i.e. Creddie shippers calling Seddie shippers stupid, crazy, etc  and vice  versa).   While I think that people attacking one another is wrong, it needs to be taken into account that the reason these people have such strong feelings in the first place is because of their love for the show.  So although Dan was merely trying to express to the viewers that iCarly is a comedy and that there is no need to fight over it…some of his comments did cross a line.  He went from trying to send a message to literally bashing super fans.  He even went as far as to say that these “nerds” have no life.

Now considering iCarly is a TV show that is written for the purpose of entertainment, maybe people use it as something that helps them break away from their stressful lives.  Maybe they invest themselves because it gives them an outlet to express themselves.  By putting these people down and saying they have no lives is extremely inappropriate.  While I am a Seddie shipper and I was not really that insulted by anything I saw tonight, I have been on a lot of iCarly forums since watching the episode and have seen how upset some fans are about the episode.  I really do feel for them.  They care so much about iCarly and right now they feel like their attachment to it is being thrown right back in their faces.  I read about a few girls who dressed up in all purple (the official Seddie color) and had been counting down the days till tonight’s episode.  While this might seem extreme to some, they only did this because they love the show.  And for Dan to portray people like them as “crazy” and “lifeless” was just wrong.

I also feel that it was wrong for Dan to have Carly giving a speech that basically made it sound like iCarly has nothing to do with relationships.  Dan himself is constantly reassuring shippers of both Creddie and Seddie, that relationships are possible in the future.  He also clearly has created episodes that deal specifically with ships (i.e. iKiss, iSaved Your Life, etc.).  So if Dan really wants fans to stop focusing on so much on shipping, then HE needs to stop focusing so much on shipping.  

Now while this episode was obviously poorly received, I do not completely blame Dan.  While him insulting his fans definitely has a lot to do with the negative response to the episode,  a lot of complaints also came from the fact that people thought they would be getting Creddie and Seddie moments tonight which clearly did not happen.  The Nick promo department knew this episode was going to be about Seddie and Creddie so they promised answers they were not going to give.  While iCarly is known for having an adult audience Nick needs to realize it obviously has a kids audience too.  To outwardly lie to these kids might help Nick boost ratings and make money, but it destroys these kids in the process.   And while mature viewers took the promos with a grain of salt and didn’t expect a “relationship” to come out of tonight’s episode- fans at least were expecting a little romance to be in it.  And instead this episode literally had no relationship development between the main characters what so ever.  While the way Nick presented the episode is not Dan’s fault, it is still unfair to fans to be jerked around that way.

Now shipping issues aside, this episode did have its good points.  Jack Black was hysterical as was Freddie and Spencer’s fist bump (regarding the WOW knockoff).  I also really enjoyed Carly’s interactions with her new boy toy.  I thought they were cute together and found it kind of odd how she didn’t seem to care that he was being beaten to a pulp by crazed fans at the end…

Anyhoo- when it comes down to it, I am going to have to rate this episode as a LOSS.  Although the writing itself was often funny, the extreme bashing of such diehard fans was just too much for me.  Especially when I know that many of these diehard fans are kids who just want to watch their favorite television show.  I’m hoping that iCarly fans don’t stay mad for too long, but I can understand if they do.  Hopefully Dan can turn fan feelings around with the next episode.  

Friday, November 19, 2010

Community: Conspiracy Theories and Giant Forts=An Awesome Episode

Okay so I am FINALLY writing a post.  I was going to write one Monday night about How I Met Your Mother, but this week turned out to be kind of crazy.  Tonight I finally have some time to myself so I decided to analyze a different show: Community.

Well Community was finally back on track tonight!  I am a HUGE fan of season 1, but have been disappointed with season 2 so far.  There have been far too many parodies for my liking.  I feel like Community shines best when it focuses on itself and deals with situations that might actually happen at a community college.  That is part of why tonight’s episode was so great.

Finally tonight Community chose to focus on night school, something that many community colleges have.  Although Community took a wacky spin on it (making the entire night school a giant conspiracy theory which was hilarious btw) the episode still dealt with community college factors like Jeff’s credits and the faculty at Greendale College.  In other words this episode actually had some substance and didn’t center around a weird magical trampoline…

Another major reason I thought tonight’s episode was so good is because the writers finally had interactions between characters that work best together.  I will admit that I am a giant Jeff and Annie shipper, so seeing them together tonight made me really excited.  Ever since last week when the camera zoomed in on their cute little smile at the end, I have been bursting with happiness.  So tonight I was literally freaking out when Jeff tackled Annie and was just staring at her on the ground J.  But enough ramblings about these two…I also thought it was great that an entire plotline was devoted to Troy and Abed.  Their relationship is awesome to say the least, so seeing them run a school wide fort system was…well….awesome.     Plus it was nice to have the story focusing on Abed in situations that weren’t just about his knowledge of TV.  I feel like in season 1 they would occasionally throw in his little one liners about TV, so they were usually always funny.  This season though they have made his character a little too meta, so seeing him toned down tonight was definitely refreshing. 

I also think I liked the fact that Britta wasn’t really in this episode…I tend to get sick of her character so I kind of needed a break.  I did miss Senor Chang though!  He has been MIA for 2 episodes now…anyone know why?  My guess is he is taking time to film the sequel for The Hangover, but I could be wrong.  Anyway, I hope he comes back soon because he always makes me laugh!

Anyway as you can tell I definitely am going to score tonight’s Community as a WIN.  I have been very hard on the series lately, but tonight I really did feel like they were back in the swing of things.  I hope this carries over into the next episode…and of course I also hope we get more Jeff and Annie J.  Sorry Jitta shippers…but I am going to have to go with Jannie FTW.

Friday, November 12, 2010

An Introduction

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog :).  Since many of you probably have no idea what exactly this blog is going to be about let me give you a quick run down.  As you can see I am The TV Referee- so each week I plan on choosing a few TV episodes to write opinion pieces on.  For each episode I talk about I am going to give it either a "Win" or a "Loss".  Now while all of you might not agree with my observations, that is exactly why I started this blog! I want to know other people's input, so definitely leave your comments!!  If you have any questions let me know but otherwise...GAME ON!