Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'll have a mohito and you'll have a no seat ho!: Review of HIMYM 6x22 'The Perfect Cocktail'

Oh HIMYM…how I love you so. And although my love is unconditional…well let’s just say last night’s episode wasn’t my favorite.

This entire season has been brilliant. Most episodes have contained a wonderful mixture of comedy and drama, something that is rare for a sitcom. And while each episode has continued to knock it out of the park, sadly I don’t think last night’s episode continued that trend. To me “Perfect Cocktails” felt kind of like an episode out of season 5--heartless and just kind of silly. Don’t get me wrong, I love Barney & Marshall. I love Lily & Robin. I’m happy we got an episode that focused on both of those friendships, but I feel like the writers could have created better storylines.

It makes sense that Barney & Marshall would have a feud over Marshall quitting his job (especially considering both men are emotional right now due to some pretty deep daddy issues). But the way the fight played out, it just didn’t feel that believable. It seemed like the writers were trying to force an unrealistic fight down our throats just for the sake of comedy. I mean yeah Marshall might be pissed that his former boss trashed him to a prospective employer, and he might want to rebel against GNB because of that, but would he really go against Ted? I’m sorry, but I just don’t see that happening.

If there is one thing Marshall is--it’s loyal. He cares so much for his family and friends (especially when it comes to Ted). So even though Marshall might be “emotionally struggling” right now, this felt very out of the blue to me.

Now it makes sense that Barney would act petty. Barney ALWAYS acts petty, but last night it just wasn’t funny. For most of the episode Barney & Marshall were drunk so their reactions were based mainly on what they had been drinking. While it’s interesting to see how certain drinks would affect them, it’s kind of silly to base a whole episode around it. By seeing those guys only act how their drinks “made them act” it took away from the individuality and creativity their characters usually exude. I just think that if the writers wanted to do a “fight” between the two they could have gone about it in either a funnier or a more serious way. This whole alcohol thing just seemed like an easy cop out for the two to express their feelings.

And then on top of it all, it turns out that Marshall & Barney drank too much and don’t even remember the night?? So everything we saw was pointless anyway? I’m sorry but that just wasn’t funny to me.

I thought Lily & Robin scheming to come up with drinks and “cross-referencing the effects” that the drinks would have on the boys was pretty funny. But it still just felt like filler to me. I dunno. Nothing was really laugh out loud funny in my opinion (Besides when Lily ordered a mojito and said that the booth stealing lady would be getting “no-seat-ho.” Now that line was full of win).

And while I didn’t like the main plot of this episode, the side plot bothered me even more. Okay by now we know for sure that Ted & Zoey aren’t going to last. There really isn’t any need for the audience to put any type of emotional investment into their relationship because well, it just isn’t going to go anywhere. So when Ted & Zoey started bickering about the Arcadian again last night, I thought “Okay here we go! Finally these two are getting closer to breaking up.” But no. Instead Zoey gives Ted this heartfelt story about how she grew up in the Arcadian which causes Ted to say that he loves her. What the hell?

After a season like season 5, the writers should realize that the audience loves HIMYM because of the story it tells. Even though it is clearly taking forever to find out who the mother is, the audience is able to handle it as long as the story keeps moving forward somehow. But to me last night didn’t move forward; in fact I think it moved backwards. We know Zoey & Ted won’t end up together so why are we going around in circles?

Okay, so while I really didn’t care for this episode there was one part that made me very happy: the return of the COCKAMOUSE. I love when TV shows make ancient callbacks, and the fact that they brought up something from season 1 last night just made me smile. When I saw that little rat scurry across the floor I started to say “Please let that be the cockamouse. Please let that be the cockamouse!” And when Ted confirmed it was indeed the cockamouse I was SUPER happy.

But sadly even the golden reference did not save this episode for me. When it comes down to it I am going to give this episode a LOSS. Yes, this season has been awesome, and it saddens me to do that, but hey not every episode can be gold. Hopefully next week the show will come back stronger than ever- and will set us up for a LEGENDARY finale.  What did you guys think?? Am I being too harsh?? Chime in below.


  1. I don't really agree with this post. The story didn't really focus on Ted or the mother, but that's okay. I thought the storyline with all the cocktails was really funny. Though I do agree with you when you say it doesn't make sense for Marshall to side against Ted. That part was a bit of a stretch.

    PS: Zoey needs to go. Soon.

  2. I agree 100% it would have been so much more awesome had Barney been the "boss" on the line then he and Marshall would have had something to gripe about. The stuff being said was just so unbelievable I just knew it was Barney's way of making Marshall come back to GNB.

    The Lilly/Robin line was filler, 100% Grade A we have to do something with these ladies let's do this. I did like how they did the no that drink makes . . . then fill in blank about each guy. I tell you Robin loves her some Barnman. We just have to wait it out. The sitting at the booth thing was pretty funny. I've actually been on both ends of that.

    As for Ted/what's her name, seriously just blanked on her name. That's how un interested in that story line I am. I figured that they would break up to, did love his idea to spend the night there. I'm betting the story she told him about living there ends up being a lie. I’m not even sure if I didn’t know it was going to end I’d be interested. I just can’t get behind it. I didn’t think it would last before I knew it wouldn’t.

    Zoey . . . that's her name. I don't know I'm getting a little sick of Ted. This building is so "important" to him but the person he's in LOVE with is stopping him from doing a job. What does Zoey think will happen to the building? It's not going to be saved. Yes it was a great building once, but that was a while ago. When they walked in I thought about Barney and the snakes.

    I loved that they brought back the CockAMouse. I also love that it had a family. That was my favorite thing in the entire episode. When I saw it "flying around" I yelled "the CockAMouse" and my roomate said huh?! I said I can't tell you, you weren't there. ha!

    Ok I’ve rambled enough . . . anyone else?!